Elite Performance Academy


The Programme

The Elite Performance Academy is a specialized program tailored for individuals aged 16 to 23 who are passionate about football. This program offers a unique opportunity to train full-time, emulating the lifestyle of professional footballers. Based at the Leasing.com Stadium, participants get to experience the intensity and dedication required to excel in the sport.

One of the program’s standout features is the access to a state-of-the-art gym, which likely helps participants enhance their physical strength, conditioning, and overall performance. With 10-14 hours of contact time, the program seems to provide comprehensive training and guidance, covering various aspects of the game including technical skills, tactics, fitness, and mental preparation.

Moreover, the pathway to semi-professional clubs adds a practical dimension to the program. By establishing connections and affiliations with semi-pro clubs, participants have a chance to take their skills to the next level and potentially transition into a more competitive football environment.

Overall, the Elite Performance Academy appears to be a comprehensive and well-structured program that not only offers intense training but also facilitates potential opportunities for aspiring footballers to progress in their careers.

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Whats Included?


8 – 10 hours training at the Leasing.com Stadium the home of Macclesfield FC from our UEFA qualified coaching team.


Competitive games in our U19 | U21 | U23 teams.


You will get the chance to watch back over your games with your coach providing individual feedback.


The day after the game you will take part in a recovery session using the State-of-the-art gym located at the stadium.


As part of the programme you will have access to the Macclesfield FC Gym.


You will be providered with a Adidas Macclesfield FC Training Kit.


Ever 12 weeks you will sit down with your coach to dicuss your progress. 


Our qualified physio will be on hand during the week to help with any injuries or rehabilitation.


We have pathways for players to semi-pro and pro clubs also into employment within the club outside of playing.


Throughout the season we will have showcase games against clubs with scouts in attendance. 


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The total costs for our Elite Performance Academy is £2,995  one football season.

Payment Options

Option 1: £495 Deposit followed by £262.50 x 8 monthly payments (Paid on 1st of each month)

Option 2: £495 Deposit followed by a payment of £2,100 (Paid on 1st of the month)


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AUTUMN TERM 2023: Wednesday 6th September – 20th October | Monday 30th October – Friday 22nd December

SPRING TERM 2024: Monday 8th January – 16th February | Monday 26th February – Thursday 28th March

SUMMER TERM 2024: Monday 15th April – 24th May | Monday 3rd June – Friday 28th June

Additional Information

Possible visits may include Sport City, kayaking, rock climbing, football stadium tours, Universities and UCAS events, but could be subject to change.

Football participation will be varied with both football and physical gym training taking place throughout the duration of the course.

Additional Macclesfield FC Academy Kit can be purchased via the Football Club supplier.

All players will be expected (where possible) to wear Macclesfield Football Club training kit whilst participating on the football academy course.

These will typically take place in the EFL – CEFA League, FA Youth Cup, British Colleges League, the National Football Youth League, Cheshire Senior Cup (senior), Central Reserve League (senior).

It’s the goal of the Football Academy staff to provide opportunities for elite players to participate in training with the Macclesfield FC senior team squad.

Players will be coached by the Macclesfield FC full-time coaches, who are all UEFA-qualified.

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