Community Sports Trust



Macclesfield FC Community Sports Trust is the charity element of the Football Club that links our Macclesfield and Cheshire East Community into the Club’s community ethos in a range of different projects, events, and social activities.


MFC CST is a charity governed by the Charities Commission and has been positively impacting lives within the area since 1997.


To be the focal point of the Macclesfield & Cheshire East community by creating positivity, opportunities, and custom-made support that makes a positive impact on a range of age groups.


Our main aims are:


  • To sustain and create growth of the Community Sports Trust at the heart of our community by providing health and educational opportunities to all of Cheshire East in accordance with local needs and wants.
  • To build links between the Football Club and all sections of the community to offer innovative and exciting programmes as a tool to inspire individuals and local communities to improve health, well-being, education and employability.
  • To work with individuals and partner organisations to establish strong links that enable the Trust to deliver programmes and projects that inspire individuals to improve achievement and employability.
  • Promote social responsibility, provide support to those who need help, create respect for our local community and make positive, sustainable contributions to it.


Our main objectives are:


Sports participation

Promote the benefits of sports and various participation activities from a physical, mental and social viewpoint for all participants of all ages and abilities.

We aim to engage with all ages from nursery children to adults through comprehensive programmes and initiatives.



Educational support programmes for students aged 3+ in full-time education. Promoting numeracy, literacy, reading support & also specific health/well-being and scientific initiatives to schools and groups using the power of football to enthuse and motivate all.



Offer a range of healthy and engaging activity programmes addressing lifestyle choices and promoting the benefits of regular exercise, healthy diets to school children and families with the objective of improving long-term health.


Sports participation

Offer a range of projects targeting marginalised or disadvantaged groups particularly teenagers and young people at risk of offending. Our projects cover inclusion to reflect and promote integration amongst diverse ethnic minority groups within our community and members suffering with mental health issues , homelessness, and disabilities.

For more information on our projects and how we can support your organisation, school or community project, please contact our Head of Community Sports Trust via email – [email protected]. [email protected]

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