Junior Academy

What does a junior academy Training Session Consist of?


A typical Macclesfield FC Junior Academy training session is designed to challenge players from a physical, psychological, technical and tactical perspective. Each session can be broken down into four key components, within which specific attributes are introduced, explored, and expanded upon. One component is directly and logically linked to the next, creating a clear and coherent flow for each player.

Each exercise demands physical gestures, skilful execution and conceptual understanding that all relate back to the game. We present them as challenges to the players and their task is to provide solutions whilst under a range of different levels of pressure and scenarios.

As with each exercise methodically linking to the next, each training session also follows the same process – ultimately sitting within the overall Macclesfield FC Junior Academy curriculum and long-term plan for player development.



What does a Junior Academy Game Consist Of?


We see our Junior Academy matches as an extension of training, whereby players have the opportunity to trial, apply and express all that they have learned throughout the training week in a competitive environment.



What does a Mini-Master-Class Consist of?



A Mini-Master Class essentially entails a small sub-group of players (2-5), similar in age, ability and game understanding training together over a 60-minute period.

Not only do these players benefit from each other and the additional time spent on the ball, they also get to enjoy a coach-player ratio which maximises individual contact time and allows for specific physical, technical and tactical feedback to be given to in order to enhance and heighten the learning process.



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