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Player List

1Luke DuffyMacclesfield FCForward
2Kielen AdamsMacclesfield FCForward
3Tom ScottMacclesfield FCGoalkeeper
4Max DearnleyMacclesfield FCGoalkeeper
5Danny ElliottMacclesfield FCForward
6Danny WhiteheadMacclesfield FCMidfielder
7Elliott WhitehouseMacclesfield FCMidfielder
8Justin JohnsonMacclesfield FCForward
9Tom ClareMacclesfield FCForward
10Brandon LeeMacclesfield FCDefender
11Paul DawsonMacclesfield FCMidfielder
12John RooneyMacclesfield FCMidfielder
13Alex CurranMacclesfield FCMidfielder
14Neil KengniMacclesfield FCForward
15Sam HeathcoteMacclesfield FCDefender
16Tre PembertonMacclesfield FCDefender
17Lewis FensomeMacclesfield FCDefender
18Laurent MendyMacclesfield FCDefender